The next Great Texas 300 will be held June 17-20, 2020 ... but the Dash is on!

The Great Texas will take a one year break from running in 2019 but will be back in 2020.  The Texas Dash is on though!  Come join us at Surfside June 15th!

Many of the participants of the Great Texas have expressed a desire to sail in the Worrell 1000 Reunion race (see  The Worrell 1000 has not been run in 16 years.  The Great Texas was created to fill in the gap left by the Worrell 1000.  Now that a one year reunion race has been announced, the officers of the Great Texas have decided to take a one year break to allow those that are interested in the Worrell to participate.  

We will be back in South Padre Island at 10 am on the Wednesday before Father's Day (June 17th) in 2020.

Steve Piche
Great Texas Founder
Public Relations Officer
Winning Skipper of 2018 Great Texas!!!

Team Great Texas 300, skipper Steve Piche and crew Juke Ball, win the 16th Great Texas 300!!! They were supported by team managers Jorge Trevino and Jonna Rose Ball. They are holding the overall Great Texas trophy and the fastest elapsed time trophy. Steve Piche is the founder of the race and it took him 16 tries to finally win the race he started. It was the 11th time that Steve and Juke had completed the race together. They had good speed all week, never broke down or flipped and escape through tough surf at the day 3 start while other team could not get out. Congratulations to Team Great Texas 300!!!

The Great Texas Race course!  4 legs over 4 days.  300 miles of world class sailing up the Texas coast.


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