Woman's Incentive Fund

It is the 
"Year of the Woman Skipper" at the Great Texas this year and we encouraging as many woman as possible to participate in the event as skippers.  We are thrilled to announce that Ingrid Bakker from the Netherlands is 100% committed to being on-line in South Padre ready to drive a Nacra Infusion with Aaron McCulley as crew and Kate Catlow as Team Manager.  To encourage teams with woman skippers, we have put together the following incentive package. 

Woman Skippers Incentive Package:
To encourage woman skippers to participate in the 2013 Great Texas, the Great Texas Fleet is offering the following incentives this year to teams with a woman skipper:
1.  $99 Early Registration.  Early registration ends May 1.
2.  Teams with woman skippers are eligible to be reimbursed for team travel and living expenses from the Woman's Skippers Incentive Fund.  (Proceeds from the fund will be even distributed to participating teams.)

Woman Skippers Incentive Fund:
The Woman Skippers Incentive Fund is a separate fund set up and managed by the Great Texas Fleet to encourage woman skippers to participate in the Great Texas.  The goal of the fund is to raise enough money to reimburse a significant portion, maybe even all, of the travel and living expenses for any team participating in the Great Texas with a woman skipper.  Funds for the Woman Skippers Incentive Fund will be raised prior to the race and then evenly distributed among the participating team with woman skippers.  The Great Texas fleet will be organizing fund raising campaigns to raise money for the Woman Skipper Incentive Fund.

Woman Skipper Incentive Fund Donations:
You may donate directly on-line to the Woman's Skippers. Alternatively, you can send a check to made out to the Great Texas Fleet.  Send to Great Texas Fleet, co/ Steve Piche, 508 Harris Ave, Austin, TX 78705.  Please specify that the funds are for the Woman's Incentive Fund.

We offer the following sponsorship levels:
Super Woman Sponsor:  $1,000.  Company or name on GT site.  Highlighted in Great Texas live streaming events.  Name on Great Texas T-shirt.  Team T-shirts if available.
Silver Lady Sponsor: $500.  Company or name on GT site.  Great Texas live streaming spots.  Name on Great Texas T-shirt.  Team T-shirts if available.
Pink Sponsor:  $250.   Company or name on GT site.  Team T-shirts if available.
Individual Level:  Decide on the level of donation that is appropriate for you!

Incentive Fund Live Streaming Party:
On Thursday, April 19th at 8:00 we will go on-line with our first live streaming broadcast of the year.  We will be talking about the Great Texas and raising money for the Incentive Fund.  If you are in Austin, we will be live streaming the party from Steve Piche's house.  We may try to set up parties in other cities around the country and around the world!