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Following the 2011 GT300

posted Jun 14, 2011, 10:14 PM by Ryan Verret   [ updated Jun 15, 2011, 5:14 AM by Steve Piché ]
Here is a quick recap of everything we have available online for those not lucky enough to be down in South Texas following the race. First and foremost we have our live page, linked right off of the GT300.com home page:

In it you will find two Justin.tv feeds. Live Streaming during the race will be provided by the Sailing Anarchy feed and a Happy Hour broadcast will follow at 9 pm if possible on the Great Texas feed. Fortunately, Justin.tv saves all this content, so you can go back and view each entire live broadcast after the race. Just click on the video to go to the respective Justin.tv page, and you'll find the previously-recorded videos towards the bottom of the page.

In addition to the live video, we have live GPS tracking! It is based on the SPOT tracking devices which update every 15 minutes or so. The map in the page above simply displays the most recent GPS coordinates from each SPOT. Note that whichever SPOT is in the lead may not necessarily be leading the race, depending on the timestamp. You can view the age of the update by simply hovering your mouse over the team's icon. If you want to view the full history of a given team, click on their icon, then "...full history" to be taken to the entire track at trackleaders.com. A huge thanks to trapout.com for making this service possible!

If you want to chat during the race, we recommend you use the Google Group, which is embedded at the bottom of the live page. If you're not a member, there is also a link there to join. We actively moderate the posts and membership requests to prevent spam, so the updates and approvals may take a bit, but the admins will do our best as we'll also be glued to our computers.

We also have an announcements section this year, which will be reserved for more official communications including the day's outlook each morning, any notable events during the race, official results, and a recap each night. You can view a snippet of the most recent announcements on the home page, or click on the "Announcements" page on the left to view all of these. Or if you're really tech savvy, you can include them in your RSS reader with the link at the top of the "Announcements" page.

Finally, we don't want to leave you without pictures of these sexy, sexy sailing machines. We have a page linked on the left-hand navigation pane which will aggregate all the photos from our on-the-ground amateur photographers. We're also graced by the presence of professional photographer, Meredith Block, and I imagine she'll post instructions on how to view and purchase her amazing work as