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Ready, Set, Blow!!!

posted Jun 14, 2011, 7:09 AM by Steve Piché
Are you ready to see some high speed cat sailing?  The forecast is in and it looks like the fleet is goin' to be sailing some Texas sized winds tomorrow!!!  Forecast is for building breeze to 20-30 out the southeast.  The means that the day will start out as a big down wind ride and turn into a wild reach.
The start is at 10 am and will be carried live on this web site.  Also, you can track the boats screaming up the Texas coast on our GT Live page.  And then, sit back around 3-4 in the afternoon and watch the boat come bounding on to the beach - again all live video here on this site.
Finally, meet some of the sailors in the race via a live stream tonight at 9pm. 
I think we may see the fastest elapsed time every tomorrow on our 100 mile leg to Mustang Island!  You can't miss it baby!