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The 2014 Great Texas in a Nutshell!

posted May 9, 2014, 8:33 AM by Steve Piché
The 12th running of the Great Texas is ready to go starting on Wednesday, June 11.  Eight teams have early registered for the race including former winning skippers John Tomko (7 times), Mike Rohrer and Chris Green.  The event will start with a kick-off party and skippers meeting in South Padre on Tuesday evening.  The racing starts at 10 am on Wednesday, June 11th in front of Clayton's in South Padre.  We will race to Mustang Island State Park.  Expect sailors to arrive between 5-7 pm after a 100 mile leg.  Andrew Tatton and Stephanie May will be serving BBQ on the beach.  We are off once again at 10 am on Thursday, June 12th at 10 am headed to Matagorda Beach near the outlet of the Colorado.  Expected the sailors to hit the beach between 4-6 after another 100 mile leg.  A gumbo cook-off will be held on the beach pitting local Matagorda cooks against some of the sailors turned chefs.  Again, the racing starts at 10 am on Friday with the sailors heading 70 miles over to Surfside.  The Texas City Dike Yacht Club will have a spaghetti dinner for the everyone at Collin Casey's beach house that evening.  On Saturday, June 14th, another set of sailors (the dashers) will join the Great Texas sailors for the last leg.  The dashers will start at 9 am and the Great Texas sailors will follow them with a start at 10 am.  The destination is East Beach in Galveston about 50 miles from Surfside.  Awards for the dashers will be given on the beach in Galveston.  We will also be serving hot dogs and snacks for the hungry sailors.  The formal awards ceremony for the Great Texas will be at Cat Alley at Jamaica Beach in west Galveston.  A shrimp dinner will be served and then awards will be handed out.  Our events are all open to the public so come join us for the 12th running of the Great Texas.