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Get Ready for 2012!

posted Dec 19, 2011, 12:53 PM by Steve Piché   [ updated Dec 19, 2011, 12:54 PM ]
From the officers of the Great Texas, we want to wish everyone Happy Holidays!
We have plenty to be thankful for over the past year.   We had a successful 9th running of the Great Texas with plenty of wind for everyone that enjoys sailing a bit on the radical side.  We saw the course record crushed by Team Ruff Rider, (Tomko and Billings) and the race was able to squeeze out a slight profit guaranteeing further financial stability for the event in the future.  We are also thankful for our awesome officers who continue to be very dedicated to the event. 
2012 is just around the corner now and you will see a significant uptick in activities related to promoting the Great Texas.  After six months of discussions, elections and recharging our batteries, we are ready and excited to get back out in the public and start telling everyone why they should join us for the 10th running of the Great Texas!
Here are some of the things to look forward to in the next year in building up to the greatest long distance race in the world!
Bigger and Better Happy Hour Live Steaming:  We'll be back broadcasting live from the Great Texas Sail Loft sooner than you think!  We promise to up the level of quality of the broadcasts this year while making them both educational and fun for everyone including those at the happy hour.
Tradewinds:  Skippers John Tomko, Bo Kersey and me will be heading out to Florida for Tradewinds regatta.  We will be putting on a big push during the regatta to see if we can get some of the Florida and East Coast teams psyched up for joining us at the Great Texas!
Your Favorite Memories from the GT:  Since it is the 10th anniversary year, we will be putting together a special section on the web site for everyone to record their favorite memories from past Great Texas campaigns. 
On-line Registration:  We will be rolling out a totally on-line registration mechanism for the first time.  Both Mike Rohrer and Andrew Burnard have been working with RegattaTech to get the ssytem ready for this spring.  We believe this will make it easier for everyone to get registered.  By the way, we will open registration as usual around March 1.  (The NOR is typically completed in February.)
We have lots of new and interesting things ready to go starting next year so rest up over the holidays so that you can start to get ready for the 10th annual Great Texas.