Race News 2010

Saturday – June 19th – Surfside to Galveston
The morning was kicked off with an 8 AM Skippers Meeting and a 9 AM start to the second annual Surfside to Galveston Dash. This year there were 23 Dash teams, so the first line of 11 boats left the beach at 9 AM and the second line of 12 boats left the beach two minutes later. Pat2 got a slower start, leaving about 15 minutes after the last Dash boat left the beach. The winds and surf were light, but getting out was not a problem and all 23 boats were on their way to East Beach in Galveston.

The 10 GT300 boats were ready and waiting at the start of the last leg of the Great Texas, and at 10 AM headed out through the surf with no problems.

On the ride from Surfside to Galveston, road crews were able to pull aside and see both the Dash and the GT300 sailors going up the coast. Because the winds were light, the first boat on the horizon was slow to appear. The first Dash team to hit the beach was Team Cat Alley, sailing an ARC22. They were followed by Teams Flip, Flop & Fly, Fast Cat Racing, Yo Baby! and Misfits.

Four hours and 23 minutes after the start of the final leg of the GT300, Team Yost Auto was the first GT team to hit the beach in Galveston. Five minutes later, it was a race to the finish line between Teams Salva Vida Vela and RuffRider. Team Salva Vida Vela was closest to the finish line when Ian Billings of Team RuffRider hopped off the boat and began running and pushing the boat in as fast as he could. Team Salva Vida Vela’s team manager ran out and helped push them over the finish line one second before Team RuffRider. What an exciting finish!

The next to arrive was Dash Team Brian, followed ten minutes later by the last GT300 boat, Team Jack Flash. The last Dash boats arriving were Teams Just Add Nada, Hobie Juan, Lay Lynes, Roll Tide, Red Ink Racing, Pat2, Breaking Wind, Hullflying, Drunken Sailbots and Xtra Horsepower. After packing up their gear, taking apart the boats and getting them back on the trailers, teams left the beach for some rest and refreshment prior to the dinner and awards ceremony, which was again a wonderfully catered event and held at the Inn at the Waterpark.
Friday, June 18th – Day Three – Matagorda to Surfside

This morning 10 boats lined up, with Team Corpus back on the line. The wind was blowing nicely and all 10 teams left the beach not a second too early! Team Yost Auto returned quickly to the beach due to a lost rudder pin.

The teams made their ways to Surfside fairly quickly, with Team Velocitek hitting the beach first. They were followed by Teams RuffRider, TCDYC and Rudderless. The next group to hit the beach was Teams Corpus, Salva Vida Vela, Chums and Poison Girl. The last two boats to arrive were Teams Yost Auto and Jack Flash.

This afternoon, teams have been arriving for tomorrow’s Surfside to Galveston Dash. Later tonight, teams will gather in Surfside for a spaghetti dinner sponsored by Team TCDYC.

Thursday – June 17th – Day Two – Mustang Island to Matagorda

This morning the teams were met with perfect wind and waves.  All nine teams lined up on the beach after tweaking their boats and fixing damages done from the previous day’s stormy leg.  Five out of nine teams crossed the line a little early, incurring a ten-minute penalty plus amount of time over too early.  Teams Rudderless, Salva Vida Vela, Yost and Poison Girl were determined not to be over the starting line early. All teams were able to get through the surf and on their ways to Matagorda without any problems.

Ground crews began arriving in Matagorda around 2 PM and awaited arrival of the first boats.  Team RuffRider was the first to arrive, followed by Team Velocitek.  The next group to arrive consisted of Teams Yost Auto, Rudderless, TCDYC and Chums.  They were soon followed by Teams Salva Vida Vela, Poison Girl and Jack Flash.  The good news is, Team Rudderless made it to the beach with two rudders fully intact!

After the safe arrival of the 9 remaining teams, Team Quiksilver served up some tasty rice and gumbo. 

At the end of the day two, Team RuffRider is in first, followed by Team Velocitek in second, Team Rudderless in third and Team TCDYC in fourth.

Wednesday, June 16th – Day One – South Padre Island to Mustang Island


The day started off with a 9 AM Skippers’ Meeting at a 10 AM start from the beach.  The winds and the surf were light, so chutes popped open on most of the boats before they even left the beach.  Most teams had very little difficulty making it through the surf, but TCDYC were slower getting out into it.  By 10:15 all teams were out and on their ways to Mustang Island. 


All seemed to be going well, until a storm was spotted on the radar, and those of us on the beach were concerned about the number of teams that would be caught in it.  As we patiently waited, the first team was sighted around the Corpus Christi Jetties between 5:30 and 6:00 PM.  Team RuffRider hit the beach first, followed by Team Velocitek about 8 minutes later and Team TCDYC about 30 minutes later.


The storm we saw on the radar finally hit us on Mustang Island and brought with it heavy winds and quite a bit of rain. The temperature also cooled off and after the storm passed, the wind died down significantly.  Team Yost limped their way across the finish line with no boom or main sail and a hole in their spinnaker, followed a little over 30 minutes later by Team Salva Vida Vela.  Team Poison Girl came in about 20 minutes after that.  Team Rudderless made it in around 9 PM, with you guessed it, one rudder.  Steve Piche said that they came up on the back side of the storm and that’s when things got nasty.  Team Chums hit the darkened beach about an hour and half later and Team Jack Flash finally arrived about 35 minutes after that. 


During the early evening, the Race Committee and some team managers also received phone calls and text messages speaking of trouble and difficulties out on the water.  Per their team manager, Team Corpus had some torn sails and made it into the beach on the other side of the Jetties.  Fortunately, they were safely picked up there by their team manager.  Unfortunately, Team Pacmen and Team Quiksilver both turtled their boats and required Coast Guard rescue.  But the main thing is that both these teams are safe and sound on dry land. 


This morning we are headed out to the beach to see what damage the daylight reveals.